Summer Sun & Hair Fun

summer sun 2018

Summer is in full swing and that means sun, beach, pools, heat and humidity—all which can contribute to the breakdown of your hair. Many of us grew up hearing that chlorine is the culprit responsible for turning light hair green, and that salt water pools are safer for hair: We want to shed some light on what's what when it comes to summer activities and how you can protect your hair and prevent breakage!

If there was ever a time to start using professional hair products...that time is now (summer)!  Protection from UV rays, free radical damage, and built-in repellents for copper and other hard minerals are vital during the summer months.  

Chlorine isn’t what makes you green this time of year, it's copper. Copper is an ingredient in all pool algaecides (stuff that kills bacteria and algae) and it oxidizes when it comes in contact with chlorine. Whether a pool is chlorinated or salt water, these algaecides are present and bind to your hair as soon as you hit the water. This is what causes the green hue you often see, and it is almost always accompanied by a sour smell and stickiness to the hair. Without proper and quick removal, the copper will sit on the cuticle of the hair and combined with sun, brushing and styling, will weaken the hair strand and eventually lead to breakage. 

How can you keep this from happening? Using a leave-in conditioner and pulling your hair into a braid before taking a dip will help slow the absorption of these chemicals into the hair. We also recommend rinsing your hair thoroughly after you are done swimming for the day, and utilizing a deep conditioning mask to help soften the hair and return it to a comfortable pH. Children’s hair is just as important to protect from the sun and water too, so don’t forget the little ones!

HOT SUMMER TIP | Protect your locks on the fly by combining a few pumps of your favorite professional conditioner with warm water in a spray bottle and shake until dissolved. Spray your hair before hitting the pool or beach to help lessen the amount of water it can absorb once you’re having fun in the sun!