A Hair Extension Story

lindasy 1.jpg

For salon owner Dara, this guest was something special—after having severe breakage from over-blonding, Lindsay came to her through a guest referral and for the last eight months they have worked to encourage new and healthy hair growth. Lindsay is the Manager at Burn Boot Camp in Cary, NC, so there were several factors to consider. More from Dara:

“We finally worked her to a place where extensions were feasible and could blend. We also had to consider her active lifestyle since she is a fitness trainer—she needed to be able to pull her hair back and wear it up, as well as have extensions that could stand up to her busy days. When Lindsay told me this process gave her back her confidence, I was truly humbled considering she has dedicated her life’s work to helping others reach fitness goals and find their inner beauty and confidence.”

With Hotheads Hairwear we used tape-in extensions to create natural fullness and blend away the shorter pieces that are still around her face. She will now come in every 6- to 8-weeks to have the extensions removed and re-taped into her hair. With minimal work to maintain her hair in-salon, and an arsenal of tools and tips to style at home, Lindsay is now ready to take on the world with her beautiful platinum locks!

Check out more of the before and after: